Kloud Keeper is a data backup and recovery solution for server, both Virtual Server (VM) and Physical Server, and desktop machine. Kloud Keeper prevents data from being lost and minimizes business disruption caused by fire, natural disaster or riot that destroys the organization’s assets.

Kloud Keeper storages are located at KSC’s secured backbone network with high-speed data transferring, 24/7 technical support and international security standard ISO/IEC 27001.

Types of Service

KSC provides 2 types of Kloud Keeper.

In case, organization doesn’t have any Veeam backup software

Service charge is applied by number of Virtual Server, Physical Server and Desktop machines that require data backup.

In case, organization requires off-site backup to KSC’s Internet Data Center

Service charge is applied by number of server connected to KSC and the storage size used (TB).

*Note: Kloud keeper will use high bandwidth during backup period. Off-peak network usage is recommended.

Virtual Service is appropriate for;

  • An organization that needs a cost-effective data backup solution.
  • An organization that values and relies on information to run the business without disruption.
  • An organization that is at risk of losing data from human-error, inefficient information management, fire, natural disasters, riots and computer viruses including new threats such as Ransomware.


  • Support backup and restore with multiple platform:
    • Virtual Infrastructures: VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Redhat Linux, CentOS Linux, Ubuntu Linux, SLES Linux, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris
    • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
    • Applications: Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, File Servers
  • Convenient and fast backup & recovery both local backup and off-site backup.
  • Easy to restore.
  • Prevent data lost (Protection from server to desktop).
  • Data encryption over network with SSL/TLS from organization to KSC’s Data Center.
  • Cost saving for backup and recovery system (no hardware investment cost).
  • Technical consultant with 24/7.

How it works?

Kloud Keeper solution supports as follow:

  • Virtual Server that supports both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V without additional software agent required.
  • Physical Server with software agent installed
  • Client machine with software agent installed

Kloud Keeper supports both local backup for fast operation and off-site backup via network connection to KSC’s Internet Data Center for fast implementation and cost-saving, depend on requirement.

Kloud Keeper Components

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