Biz Co-location is a hosting service for customers who need a server to provide high quality online services, such as a web server, or a mail server that requires high quality speedy internet connection to cater heavy usage traffic.

Type of Services

Is a space rental service for placing organizations’ servers. KSC provides 4 types of Co-location as following;

  • One Server (1U-4U)
  • Quarter Rack
  • Half Rack
  • Full Rack


  • Stable connection, servers are hosted in the major Internet backbone with both domestic and high speed Internet links connection and operated under the environment control to keep the servers to work at their full capacity continually.
  • Ensure servers safe, servers are hosted in the Co-location which is operated in the full environment control management with the high security policy operation
  • Cost saving, a user doesn’t need to install leased line Internet and pay for the high speed Internet connection to connect to the security system server.
  • Time saving, a user is able to use a web based service on general web browser or mail client programs.


  1. Stable Connections
    • The server is hosted in KSC’s major Internet backbone with both domestic and high speed Internet links connection.
    • Provides up to 15.5 Gbps to International link via 2 international links and up to 26 Gbps via 4 domestic links. The links can work in redundant to the others’ capacity in case there is any unexpected problem.
    • KSC’s Co-location which connects to large network facilitates organizations to transfer data smooth and stable without interruption. Also worldwide users are able to access organization’s websites easily and fast.
  2. Location
    • New Geneva Industry Condominium (Bangkok Land), Popular 3 Road, Pakkrad, Nonthaburi where it is more convenient to arrive, avoid traffic jam, limited parking space and expensive parking fee when compared to a downtown data center.
  3. Data Center Management System
    Security Protection
    Use a key card to enter the Co-location room
    The firewall system protects external threats (Firewall Protection)
    UPS System
    Provides power supplies and power generators power of the building which meet the standard quality
    The power backup system keeps stable pressure system and provides the back up system in case the electricity blackouts
    Fire Protection
    FM200, world class standard fire protection, operated by pressurized gas which causes no harm to the server equipment
    Power System
    Provides large power supplies which meet the standard quality to ensure smooth operations of servers
    Power Supply 16 Amp (Support 32 Amp with extra charge)
    Cooling & Air Flow Distribution
    Controls the temperature and humidity to keep the stable temperature and allow servers to work at their full capacity
    Online Monitoring System
    Monitors the network and servers by online monitoring system
    Technical Staff
    Provide technical consultant 7x24
    Monitor server equipment continually
    All KSC’s professional technical staffs have been trained and received the International standard certificated


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