Regulation of Petition and Petition Processing

According to the National Telecommunications Commission's announcement subject: The Process of Petitions and the Petitions Acceptance which came into force on August 16, 2006, it was stated in article 20 of the Transitory Provisions that "The chartered organization shall have rules in receiving petitions and handling the petitions." The article 15 stated that "The chartered organization is responsible for setting up the unit that responsible for giving answer to general queries, consider and handle the customers" petitions. "The article also continued with" to process the said act, the chartered organization may complete the process by itself or assign to the third parties, chartered organizations may work in corporation to set up the unit to perform the tasks. "Therefore, to make it flexible, fast and convenient for the users and to follow the NTC" announcement, True Corporation PCL, has set up the responsible unit to receive petitions and process the petitions of users of KSC commercial Internet Co., Ltd.


  • To be a proper channel for users to contact agents who responsible for processing customers' complaints and find solutions for the users. This service is free of charge.
  • To make a fair process in handling customers' petitions with concise and effective procedures.
  • To take the complaints as an information to improve the service standard and to make sure that the same mistake will not occur.

Process Details

  1. Communication Channels
    • Via Call Center: Telephone number 0-2700-8088 (toll-free)
      Working Hours: Mon-Fri from 09.00 - 17.00. except official holidays and festivals holidays.
    • Via Facsimile (charged): 0-2858-4338
    • Via E-mail:
    • Via website:
    • Via Mail: Attention to Center of Complaints. 1252 10th fl. True Tower 2. Pattanakan Rd., Suan Laung, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250.
  2. Location of the Center of Complaints
    1252 10th Fl. True Tower 2, Pattanakarn Rd., Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250.
  3. Service Scope
    1. Type of Products and Services
      KSC Commercial Internet Co., Ltd.
      • Internet Broadband.
      • Others: websites access, Internet Leased Line, E-mailing, and others service under the scope of a type 1 license.
      • Others: Co-location, Web Hosting, Mail Hosting, Wireless Fidelity (WiFi), Voice Over Internet Protocol or Internet Telephony.
    2. Type of Petitions
      The petitions, according to the ground rules of petitions, are users' complaints' about difficulties or damages caused by the telecommunication services of the company.
      Difficulties and Damages from telecommunication services are;
      • Incorrect billing statement, caused by the company agents' mistakes.
      • Incorrect statement caused by the billing system.
      • The customers deny to pay due to the inefficient quality of the services/ products.
      • The installation process is not done as the customer has been notified.
      • The installation does not meet the user requests.
      • The new installation service does not work properly.
      • The technical problem fixing is not mate on the appointed date.
      • The nonfunctional services cannot be fixed.
      • The errors keep occurring and cannot be fixed.
      • Complaints about the services from staff at Service Centers, Customer Service Centers, Salespersons, Call Centers, technical staff and dealers. Complaints about the staff's manners, impolite speech, deficient information providing, delay process or the services that can't be made as promise to the customers.
      • Complaints about bad signal.
      • Complaints about inadequate signal channels.
      • Complaints about unfair service conditions/ promotions or cryptic promotional details.
      • Complaints about incorrect or unfair service charge.
    3. Working Process
      • The company will process the users complain and officially send feedback to the customers within 7 days after receiving the complaints. The feedback shall identify SR Number, date, complaints reference number, rights of the issuers and the complaints handling process lead time expected.
      • If the company considers that the complaint is reasonable, then the complaint will be handled within 30 days after the complaint is received. In case of force majeur and the process take longer that 30 days, the company shall notice the customer in every 10 days.
      • If the company considers that the complaint is not reasonable or baseless, the company will officially inform the issuer within 14 days after receiving the complaint.
      • The company will record he discussion between the company and the user and notify whether the case is settled or not. In case, the problem cannot be settled, the company will send the record to NTC within 3 days after the discussion is closed. The company shall announce NTC judgment within 30 days after NTC receives the case.

This petition is in accordance to the National Telecommunications Commission's announcement subject: The Process of Petitions and the Petitions Acceptance, which requires the following form in the process.

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