Corporate Care
We have support team of specialist solely for corporate customers. These are completely separate from those assisting general customers. They monitor equipment and usage so if there is a problem we can solve it quickly and efficiently. Our customer service officers can available 24-hour-a-day.

Internet Consultant
Our team of experts can look at your current set up and improve it by either designing Internet linkage just for you, or simply giving advice on other corporate Internet services that may be advantageous for your company. Our experts are all certified CCNA (Cisco Certificate Network Associated), which be recognized for network management and Internet applications.

Service Feedback
We conduct regular customer surveys and listen to every problem and comments so that we can adjust, improve and develop our services. We want to know how well our systems are performing so your feedback is essential for a smooth running service.

Down The Report
To help you see what's going on in your network, we provide a Down Time Report, which monitors your Internet service quality levels and notifies us of potential problems occurring each month.

We co-ordinate and report the progress of problem solving to Corporate Care. If the problem cannot be solved, related persons will be informed hierarchically. You can be confident that your problem will be solved rapidly and credibly.

New Product Development/Trial
We are continually striving to develop new products and services to answer customers needs. At time we will therefore give you the opportunity to trial new products, which we believe could improve your business.

Preventive Maintenance
We believe prevention is better than cure, so all are systems are constantly monitored and preventive maintenance carries out to ensure a smooth running service.

Update News or Viruses and Threats
To protect your systems we constantly search for Internet viruses, and any other threats that could damage your systems.

Knowledge Training Center
We are constantly updating our knowledge of the Internet and new software. To help keep your staff up to date, we provide training courses to pass on this knowledge.