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Products and Services
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We provide comprehensive ICT solutions services and technical support to fulfill the specific needs of our corporate customers, both private and public sectors.

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Products and Services > Business Services > Solutions > Solution Summary > Communication Solutions > Voice over Internet Protocol

Solution Summary : Communication Solutions

Telline (VOIP)

Telline is an effective Voice over Internet Protocol service. This communication channel is an alternative tool for large organizations which long-distance calls, either domestic or international, are frequently made. The service could be the part of your business success since it supports business contacting in both domestic and international. Moreover, the connection fee is 3 times cheaper when compared to regular phone.

Today, the organizations can easily use Telline at economy price by simply connect a transmission device to a standard phone system to allow an existed telephone system to work with Telline. This will reduce cost of the system investment since there is no need to change the existed telephone system.


  • Saving cost up to 10 times. Cheaper than regular phone for both domestic and international calls.
  • Lower the hardware investment spending due to the voice and data transmission is in the same device.
  • Increase efficiency in both domestic and international connections with the high-quality voice. No disturbing noise or signal interruption.
  • Worldwide connections, the service coverage areas included more than 200 countries around the world.

Types of Service

KSC caters the organizations' requirement in Telline services by providing Telline phone numbers and devices for standard phone system. The services are;

  1. Business SIP Account
    An organization will get a SIP Account to be used in Telline service. The SIP Account can support 1 Telline number at the same time. The service is suitable for personal use or for a corporate with small numbers of Telline users.
  2. Enterprise SIP Account and Trunk
    An organization will get a SIP Trunk which can be used in the Telline system. The SIP Trunk supports unlimited Telline connection (concurrence) at the same time. The service is therefore an ideal solution for an organization that has many Telline users, for example, an organization that has branches in and outside of the country. It is also a cost-effective solution for service business such as such as call center, tour agencies, hotels or hospitals.

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